cloggingClogging (Ages 5+) Clogging is an American folk dance that mixes many different parts of other folk dances to create a melting pot style that has been a part of our area for centuries.  Our most popular style of dance, clogging is fun and energetic for all ages.  Each season we have clogging classes for all age ranges and skill levels.  Requirements: Preferably 1+ years of tap for our youngest dancers.


Hip-hop (Ages 4-5+) Hip-hop is another dance style that is very energetic and fast paced.  Usually performed to modern music in the style of Pop or R&B, hip-hop dancing has been a big hit with dancers young and old over the past 20 years since it was first offered as a class.  Requirements: No previous dance required.


Ballet (Ages 3+) The most classical style of dance, ballet has been offered at Cripple Creek for more than 30 years.  A great beginner level dance, many young dancers choose this as their first class because ballet helps teach body control and flexibility.  We have several ballet classes offered from beginner to the most experienced ballet styles including pointe.  Requirements: Upper level ballet classes such as pointe require previous ballet experience and approval from our ballet teacher.


Tap (Ages 3+) Much like clogging, tap is a percussive style dance that lends itself to high energy performance numbers.  Perfect for beginner dancers, tap helps with fine motor functions and body control while also being very active.  Cripple Creek offers all levels of tap for any age.  Requirements: No previous dance required.


Jazz (Ages 3-4+) Jazz dance began as a offshoot of ballet and is great for dancers of many different ages and experience levels.  Jazz retains many aspects of ballet including body control and linear style but can be much more energetic and fast paced.  Requirements: No previous dance required.


Theatre Dance (Ages 7+) Theatre Dance is relatively new to the repertoire of Cripple Creek Corner having only been offered for about 5 years.  This style utilizes elements from ballet, jazz, tap & hip-hop in order to tell a story with emphasis on acting and performance.  Classes often spend many classes recreating famous choreography from famous musicals like Chicago, Annie, and A Chorus Line. Requirements: At least one year in jazz or hip-hop is preferred.


Other Styles (Ages 3+) In the past Cripple Creek has offered various other styles depending on demand and availability.  Such classes include; modern, lyrical, gymnastics, acro/cheer dance, pilates, zumba, line dancing and partner dancing.  If you are interested in a certain style and want to know more about our program, please give our studio a call at (910)259-5192 or email us at