October 2017 Newsletter

Getting Settled In!!!
We hope everyone has gotten started back into dance easily over the last month. We will continue to let you know what’s going on around the studio by way of our newsletter, on our website, and our voicemail. If you have questions about weather concerns or class cancelations, be sure to check online or call the studio. See some of the rules below to help you understand how we do things here at Cripple Creek.

Rules for Class!

  • Please be present for every class.
  • Please be on time for class.
  • Use the bathroom BEFORE class time.
  • No gum or candy in class.
  • Cloggers and hip-hoppers please wear pants short enough for your feet to show and so they won’t be in the way!
  • Try not to wear jeans!
  • Do not wear your dance shoes outside. They collect dirt or other unpleasant stuff and can damage them.
  • Check out the website for a full list of our policies! www.cripplecreekcorner.com
  • Have fun!


  • October 13-14 – Burgaw Ghost Walk around the Courthouse Square
  • November 1 – Costume fee due date

Adult Classes!!!
Cripple Creek will be offering some adult classes this year and we want to get you involved. We are doing a monthly rotation of classes which is a smaller commitment than a full years of classes.  Each month will be a different dance style and we hope you’ll check them out on Wednesday nights from 7-7:45.  October’s dance style will be Theatre Dance (taught by Jason), November will be Line Dancing with Rebecca and because December is a shorter month we will start back adult classes in January with Brittany teaching Dance Aerobics.  There is a list in the backroom of the studio with each month on it.  Please let us know what you are interested in!

The Office
In the office right off the main lobby we are selling Cripple Creek t-shirts, recital shirts as well as dance shoes and some other fun things that Mitzi has on display. Check it out because these are great gift ideas for your dancer. And if you still haven’t picked up your pictures from recital or if you would like a DVD of it ask Mitzi or one of the teachers!  The changing room right beside the main office is NOT a playroom.  Please let your children know that this room isn’t for hanging out or running amok.

If you still have not paid costume deposits your child may be asked to sit out of class. Make sure your fees are up to date and check our studio policies if you have questions. $5 charge on late fees!

Rules for Parents!

  • Please be on time for class and picking your children up.
  • Once you are sure your child is settled in class you don’t have to hang around. The studio can get crowded at times and feel free to use this time for grocery shopping or grabbing some coffee. Although, if your child is under the age of 5, please be available in case the teacher needs you.
  • Be sure your child is properly dressed.
  • Look for your monthly envelope and a newsletter. PLEASE READ THE NEWSLETTER!
  • When you pay your fees, if you pay by check please be sure to write your child’s name on the check! Especially if your last name is not the same as your child’s.
  • Let us know if you are interested in dance. We’re constantly trying to provide more for our dancers and their families. Let us know what you’d like to see in the future. Ballroom? Pilates? Shagging? Adult Clogging? Adult Hip-hop? Let us know! We want your feedback!

Congratulations to our Clogging Team
On September 23, the Cripple Creek Cloggers were fortunate enough to perform for the 5th time at Walt Disney World in Florida.  With a group of 36 dancers, their performance was held on the Marketplace Stage in the Disney Springs area.  Not only did the dancers have a great performance they attracted a large crowd with their tapping feet and incredible energy.  Way to go Cripple Creek and here’s to many more trips to WDW!