April 2017 Newsletter

Almost There!!!
Well, we really only have a month left before the recital! And with it so close there are a lot of things you and your child should remember. So read on and check out what’s coming up. Pay close attention to each item so that your family can be up to date on payments, costumes, and other important info.

With the dance year winding down, it’s important to remember that there is still a lot of work to be done and lots of costs to be covered. We ask that you please be aware of your child’s fees so that we can cover costs of costumes, paying the teachers, renting the auditorium and most importantly, keeping things working at the studio itself. Remember, the recital fee is important because it is one $25 fee paid per family in order to help us pay for the rental of the auditorium. And with it paid, we won’t be charging admission at the door. You can bring your parents, grandparents, all your family, & friends. So for your convenience, we hope you’ll see the importance of it and the other fees. Thanks! Remember, Clogging Team members do not pay recital fee.

Over the past few weeks, costumes have been given out during most of our classes. We hope everyone is excited about the costumes but we ask that you check with your child’s teacher to make sure you have all the accessories and in case there are any special circumstances for the class & costume including how their hair should be fixed. We also have tights for those that need them. Please see Miss Mitzi or Miss Nancy!


  • April 10-14 – Spring break (extra practices)
  • April 22 – Pictures at Cripple Creek
  • April 28 – Recital Rehearsal(5pm & 7pm)
  • April 29 – Recital!!!
  • May 5 – Street Dance (it’s free)
  • May 6 – Springfest!!!

Recital Tickets!
A reminder about Recital Tickets, which will be given out soon! We are having 2 spring recitals. The first recital will be for mostly our younger dancers while the second will be for the older ones and both will be held on the same evening. Each family will get 6 tickets to their child’s recital (if you have dancers in both, you get tickets to both). When seating begins, those ticket holders will seat first and after everyone with a ticket is seated, general admission will begin for others. Once the younger recital is finished, the auditorium will be cleared and the process will begin again for the second recital. We hope this will help eliminate a seating problem. You will not receive your tickets if your fees have not been paid!

Spring Break!
In our newsletter last month we posted a reminder about Spring Break.  Many of the teachers have requested to use this week (because it may not be everyone’s Spring Break) as a time for extra practice.  So we ask that you please check with your teach on whether or not they will still be having class the week of April 10-14.  We understand that because of vacation and travel plans, some dancers may be absent from class during this week (or the following week because it is break for some) but we want to remind everyone that Recital is sooooooo close!

For those of you not familiar with Pender County Springfest it is a wonderful festival that takes place on the town square. We normally select several classes to perform. It will be announced to the classes whether or not they are picked to participate.

We know you cherish your children! And in order to preserve another special moment in their life, we will have someone taking group and individual pictures the weekend before recital! This means you’ll need to come dressed and prepared for pictures on the Saturday before recital (April 22). Look for the package options on a flyer at the studio in the next few weeks.  We realize that for many folks, ball season has begun, and while we can not reschedule any of our group picture times, our photographer will be available most of the day for individual pictures if you would like to stop by for that option.

Recital T-Shirts!
As in years past, Cripple Creek will be ordering t-shirts for our recital. Each shirt will have the theme from the recital on the front and a list of all our dancers on the back. If you would like to get one for yourself or your child the shirts are $15 and need to be pre-ordered very soon! Our deadline is April 20! After that is too late so be sure to let Mitzi know if you are interested so that we can make sure to order one in your size!