March 2017 Newsletter

Springing to Life!!!
We hope your child is having as much fun as we are as we get closer to the end of the year. Here’s a newsletter to remind you about a few things and let you know what’s coming up as far as payments, costumes, & other important news. So make sure you know all about what we have in store for you in the next few weeks.

Recital Fees!
By now you’ve heard that recital is coming and we want to make sure you know about the recital fees. This fee is a very important one because it is one $25 fee paid per family in order to help us pay for the rental of the auditorium and other expenses generally associated with that performance. And the best part about this fee is that because it is paid ahead of time we don’t charge admission at the door. So you have the chance to bring your parents, grandparents, other family, friends, whoever you choose. So for your convenience, we hope you’ll see the importance of it. We will add this fee to your April dues but if you’d like to pay it in advance see Mitzi! *Competition clogging team members do not pay recital fee.* (See information on tickets below)

If you’ve looked at our bulletin board, you may have seen the costumes tacked up on display. We hope everyone has paid their costume fees and as the time comes your child will receive their costume so that we can make sure everyone has all of the pieces and props needed and that everything looks good!

Spring Break
Cripple Creek’s Spring Break will be the week of April 10-14. With students in many different counties and in both Year-Round and Traditional School schedules, it is difficult to find a time that worked for everyone but this is the week that worked for most of our students. We understand though if your child misses class for a vacation that you might be planning, but hurry back so we can keep on dancing. We’ve got lots of work to do before recital!


  • April 10-14 – Spring Break
  • April 28 – Recital Rehearsal
  • April 29 – Recital!!!
  • May 5      – Springfest Streetdance
  • May 6      – Springfest!!!

Summer Classes
We have not had the best turnout for summer classes in the past so our schedule this summer will be based on you. We want to know what classes you would be interested in taking over the summer. Let Miss Nancy or Miss Mitzi know or your dance teacher so that we can begin working up a schedule.

Keep our studio looking great!
We try our best to keep Cripple Creek looking great. We’ve painted and cleaned and renovated as often as we can over the years to help make things as nice as they can be. We ask that you help out as well. We’d appreciate it if you’d pick up after yourself and keep the studio clean. And please don’t peel the paint off of things around the studio (chairs, railings, etc.) Thanks and let’s help keep Cripple Creek nice for another 30 years!

Recital T-Shirts!!!
As we told you last month, please start signing up for recital t-shirts. We will only order the amounts that have been signed up for so please let us know your name and size. The price is $15 and they will have a names list on back and on the front there will be a graphic from our upcoming recital, “Once Upon a Time!”

Recital Tickets!
In past years we’ve had some complaints about seating at recital. So for a couple of years, in an effort to solve this problem, we have had 2 spring recitals which seemed to help quite a bit. The first recital will be for our younger dancers while the second will be for the older ones and both will be held on the same day. Each family will get 6 tickets to their child’s recital (if you have dancers in both, you get tickets to both). When seating begins, those ticket holders will seat first and after everyone with a ticket is seated, general admission will begin for others. Once the younger recital is finished, the auditorium will be cleared and the process will begin again for the second recital. We hope this helps.