February 2017 Newsletter

Happy Valentines!!!
Well it’s not Valentine’s Day yet but we have to have some kind of festive greeting for our newsletter! Once again, here’s our reminder for you about a few things on the horizon. Read on and check out what’s coming up on the calendar.

We have ordered costumes! For the first time in a long time all the costume fees have been taken care of and we are on track to be looking good when it comes time for recital. Thanks! If you are eager to see what your child will be wearing, check the bulletin board for a picture of their costume!

Stay healthy!
This time of year is notorious as a time for people getting sick. And we want you and your children to be as healthy as possible. We ask that if your child is not feeling well, give us a call and let us know if they’ll be missing class. If they have a cold that the other dancers might catch it’s okay to miss a class. If they are not feeling well but aren’t contagious bring them in so that they can at least watch during class so they won’t miss something. We’ve got a lot of dancing to get done before recital and we need all our dancers present if possible!

Don’t forget!!!
Watch for your child’s envelopes and please pay your monthly fees so that we can get things ready for recital. We try each year to make it a wonderful experience but we can only do it with your help!


  • April 28 – Recital Rehearsal
  • April 29   – Recital!!!
  • May 5 – Springfest Streetdance
  • May 6 – Springfest!!!

Recital CDs
Remember to save the date for our dance recital the last weekend in April! And if you need a practice CD let Mitzi know. Write your childs name and what classes she is taking. Cost: $5!

Recital Fees…
By now you’ve heard that recital is coming and we want to let you know about the recital fees. This fee is a very important one because it is one $20 fee paid per family in order to help us pay for the rental of the auditorium and other expenses generally associated with that performance. And the best part about this fee is that because it is paid ahead of time we don’t charge admission at the door. So you have the chance to bring your parents, grandparents, other family, friends, whoever you choose. So for your convenience, we hope you’ll see the importance of it. We will add this fee to your March dues but if you’d like to pay it in advance see Mitzi!

Credit Cards
Just in case you haven’t heard, Cripple Creek will now accept Credit or Debit cards as forms of payment.  We know it’s been a long time coming but if you don’t carry cash or checks around with you, we can now further accommodate you.  We hope this will come as a convenience for everyone now that CCC has joined the 21st Century.